Large Splicing Infrared Touch Frame 93''-500''(TH series)
  • Product Name: Large Splicing Infrared Touch Frame 

  • Regular Size:93''-500''

  • Touch Points:10 Points

  • Material: Aluminium Frame

  • Interface:USB,Plug And Play

  • Certificates:CE,FCC,RoHS

  • Warranty:1  Year

  • Support Systems:Windows,Android,Linux,Mac

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    Product Overview

    The splicing touch frame is an important part of the splicing screen system.Compared with other media propaganda carriers, the splicing screen reflects the extensiveness, intuitiveness, and fun of human-computer interaction and presentation, has a strong visual impact. It has made a big step forward in the development of industry. It is also a promoter of super-sized display integrated touch and convenient for people to operate and use the digital life and brings the greatest convenience and interactivity to life.


    Product Features

    ♦ Pure plane structure,excellent craftsmanship,large-size splicing screen,can interactive use.

    ♦ 100% light transmittance(no glass),sensitive operation,no disconnection, no ghosting or drift.

    ♦ LED tube core,stable performance,high touch precision,long life time.

    ♦ USB interface,plug and play,easy to install,maintenance free,wear-resistant,sunlight-proof.

    ♦ Versatile touch object,super transparency,integrated controller.

    ♦ Support gesture,operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor.

    Product Details

    Aluminum alloy shell,strong,durable,not rusty.The surface is made of industrial high temperature black metal powder spraying process,which is not easy to fall off and lose color.Aluminum alloy plug,free of driver.The USB recognition time prompts 3 times,transmission speed 480Mbps.


    Chip Description


    Advanced chip,LED infrared receiving tube,LED life time 60000 hours,LED tube core stable performance high touch  precision long life time,even individual LED tube do not work,not affect the usage.

    Product Custom

    GreenTouch can customize the Logo and ir screen size according to the LCD size or structure or the thickness of the glass, etc. The maximum size can reach 500 inches.

    технический параметр
    Product Name:Splicing Infrared Touch Frame
    Regular Size:93 inches to 252 inches
    Touch Points:10 Points
    Material:Aluminium Frame
    Touch Pressure:Zero
    Touch Resolution:32768*32768
    Input MethodFinger or Touch Pen
    Response Time:10-14ms
    Sweep Frequency:≥110HZ
    Interface:USB,Plug And Play
    Operating Current:DC 5.0V±5%
    Operating Voltage:≤200mA
    LED Life:60000 Hours
    Temperature:Working:–10°C  to 40°C, Storage:–20°C to 60°C
    Humidity:Operation:10%~85%RH  Storage:10%~90%RH
    Sunlight resistance:Support
    Warranty:1 Year
    Support Systems: Windows,Android,Linux,Mac

    Product Overview

    The large-sized spliced touch TV display wall has involved schools, shopping malls, banks,digital exhibition halls,corporate exhibition halls, and government Institutions and military command can be equipped with digital content, interactive games, animation, 3D, VR, interactive audio and video, etc. It is an indispensable and effective application device for today's interactive large-screen demonstrations.