Interactive Touch Foil 10.1 to 32 inches (XTM series)

* Regular Size: 10.1 -32 Inches

* Touch Type: PCAP ,12 Points Touch

* Channel: TX24/RX48

* FPS:130

* Interface:USB

* Waterproof:Support

* Certificates: CE,FCC,RoHS

* Warranty: 1 Year

* Support Systems:Windows,Android,Linux

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    Product Principle

    The principle of the projective capacitive touch foil technology belongs to the projective capacitive screen. It is composed of two transparent thin films, with a grid matrix layer consisting of a layer of metal wires crisscrossed by X and Y axes. Each matrix forms an induction unit that can sense the touch of human hands. Touch foil is the only new method than can achieve curved surface,full transprency,waterproof,anti-pollution,anti-light interference,no frame and touch through glass.


    Product Features

    ♦ XTM Series from 10.1 to 32 inches, capacitive 12 touch points.

    ♦ waterproof IP67,vandal proof and anti-pollution.

    ♦ Accurate positioning and touch,no drift,no dead corner touch,smooth writing.

    ♦ Light weight,can achieve curved surface,integrated no frame,pure and beautiful.

    ♦ Transmittance ≥93%,strong penetration,full-angle anti-glare illumination.

    ♦ Zero pressure touch,can click,drag,zoom in,zoom out,and rotate.

    ♦ Simple and quick to install,glass up to 12mm thick.

    Product Details

    Improved projected capacitive technology,nano-silver wire mesh matrix instead of ITO layer,ultra-thin 0.2mm transparent PET film,FPC has good flexibility and high flexibility,use high stable IC and circuit control board,aluminum alloy plug USB, plug and play,free of driver,more durable,and the USB recognition time prompts 3 times,transmission speed 480Mbps.


    Product Installation 

    How to install touch foil for your LCD or projector to realize touch function? Taking LCD screen as an example, the following materials need to be prepared first,glass+touch film+LCD screen+control host+casing+wire, and then start installation: prepare a large glass, determine the projection position, and stick the selected touch film between the glass and LCD screen; Connect and fix the control board, and then connect the control board with the control host; Connect the USB cable to the metal backplane, install the driver, and use it after debugging.

    Product Customizable

    ① The touch foil size

    ② Customer  Logo

    ③ Pasting services

    ④ Glass cover surface treatment AG, AF, AR

    технический параметр
    Product Name:Capacitive Touch Foil
    Regular Size:10.1 inches to 32 inches
    Touch Points:12 Points
    Sensor:TX24 RX48
    Scanning speed:8ms/frame
    Power Consumption:1W
    Calibration:Software Calibration
    Packing List:Touch Foil*1 ,  Controller*1 ,  USB Line*1
    Transmit Distance:≤50m(Add USB Signal Amplifier
    Safe Distance:5mm
    Operating Temperature:-20℃ to +70℃
    Ambient Lightness: Full-angle anti-glare Illumination
    Touch Gesture:Click,Drag,Zoom,Rotate
    Warranty:1 Year
    Support Systems:Windows,Android,Linux

    Product Applications

    Industrial control field, inquiry machine, ATM, vending machine,outdoor advertising,digital signage,game machine.

    Product Packaging